The Music Mission

In the first three years, the Music Mission has supported "A Future with Hope - Sandy Relief " and "Imagine No Malaria". Out of more than 500 United Methodist churches across our Greater New Jersey Conference, the Boonton United Methodist Church was #11 in its financial contributions toward these efforts. We thank you for your generosity these past years as we've made a difference in the lives of countless individuals both near and far.

The overall fundraising efforts for these causes have, indeed, been very successful in accomplishing the mission set out by our conference. But our conference now has a new and exciting focus for the next three years called, "Miracles Everywhere." We believe God is ready to do miracles here in NJ and in all the places our influence reaches and supports. Therefore, we hope you'll continue joining us in being a part of a great mission that continues to help fund great causes.

Moving forward into 2019, The Music Mission will support several of the Miracles Everywhere campaigns, including:

* Hurricane disaster relief through the work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) for people in places such as Puerto Rico, Florida,  Texas, and Cuba.

* Hope Centers to serve our communities throughout NJ (with even one in Tanzania, one of our global connections), providing affordable housing, job training, and social services for children, youth, and adults.

The Music Mission will also support the local Boonton Food Pantry, and organic garden, as it has done in past years.​​